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Skin Care

Properly customized treatments for the face, neck and decollete with the combination of all-natural products will help keep your skin in perfect condition

All facials include High Frequency

Eye Treatment15 min. $25

A firming treatment. Elastin supports the eye skin with its web pattern of elastic network. This treatment helps minimize fine lines, dark circles and puffines. Can be added to any facial

Stress relief30 min. $55

image826[1]Luxurious and indulgent, this relaxing face treatment focuses on stress relief and includes an anti-stress face massage. This facial instantly rehydrates and smooth skin as it reduces facials puffiness and minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles.
Its concentrated moistue infusion re-energizes tired skin to provide new radiance and glow. Comforts stressed skin with natural anti-irritants and leaves skin feeling soothed, refreshed

Purifying Facial60 min. $ 100

This treatment includes specific deep cleansing techniques gentle exfoliation, extractions and mask that will help purify, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin

Puracne Oxygen Facial60 min. $ 120

This revolutionary oxygenating acne treatment is designed to clear skin congestion, control acne and revitalize fatiqued, stressed and dull skin. Unique Oxygen Complex normalizes, detoxifies and hydrates in depth to give the skin back its natural radiance and glow. The skin becomes luminous, moisture-balanced and younger looking

Glyco Facial60 min. $ 115

A very effective clinical exfoliating treatment using alpha hydroxy acids (such as glycolic and latic acids extracted from cane, lemon, apple, passion fruit, grape, pineapple) and beta hydroxy acid (citric acid). This facial brightens the complexion, increase skin absorption, and promotes skin reneval white moisturizing

Hydrolifting Facial60 min. $ 120

For all skin types. This sophisticated lifting treatment is a powerfull moisturizer and exceptional toner reconized for the irmness it gives to the skin. Due to its main active ingredients, it gives an exceptional lifting effect.

Man’s Facial60 min. $ 120

Designed just for men, this customized facial provides deep pore cleansing and toning as well as a cooling Algomask, to revitalize skin. The organic silicium and aromatic complex found in algae based formulation soothe and increase the skin’s vitality, brighten and restore a healthy look.

Back Facial60 min. $ 110

A facial for your back and shoulders that leaves skin clean, refreshed, and nourished. Great treatment for those with back acne condition and sun damaged skin.

Teen Facial60 min. $ 90

Teen facial promotes a clear, healthy and glowing complexion. In addition it will help to unclog blocked pores, reduce oil and minimize the appearance of pores. Finally estheticians will provide a lesson in home skin care.

Microdermabrasion60 min $ 140

This advanced effective special skin care treatment for rejuvenation of all kinds of skin type by using High-tech equipment. Removing all damaged and dead skin cells, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, improves acne scarring, removes excessive oil, leaves skin silky, smooth, fresh, young looking and most importantly healthy. It includes extractions.