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Anti-aging Facial

Vitamin C Facial75 min. $ 150

For all skin types. Vitamin C stimulates collagen and elastinsynthesis, moisturizes, mineralizes and energizes skin. Reduces sun damage, premature skin aging and prevents hyperpigmentation.

Botinol Facial75 min. $ 150

image387[1]With its Botox®-like effect, this treatment works as a wrinkle corrector that will re-densify, smooth and relax the skin, visibly reducing and preventing the appearance of lines. The combination of strong anti-aging actives with 5 peptides and potent antioxidants effectively reduce expression lines and wrinkles.

Collagen Facial75 min. $ 150

Exclusive treatment with collagen products offers exceptional results with respect to cell regeneration, hydration and skin renewal. This deep moisturizing & rejuvenating facial is spectacular in the reduction of wrinkles.