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Body care

Hydrotherapy treatments will hydrate, oxygenate and improve your skin tone and texture. The body scrub will relax your body and mind

Aromatherapy Body Scrub 30 min. $ 65

image467[1]Our signature body scrub using essential oil will leave your skin feeling smooth and petal soft. Health giving Dead Sea Salts will break down fatty deposits and exfoliate away Dead skin cells, stimulating blood circulation. Rich in minerals and enriched with Vitamin E, this body brushing treatment has skin healing benefits

Chocolate Body Scrub30 min. $ 65

This treatment leaves your skin silky smooth and moisturized your mind and body fully revitalized. Exfoliating has never been sweeter. Infused with brown sugar and body oil, this divinely scented scrub exfoliates your skin, improving circulation as as it smoothes, softens, and leaves behind a scent to die for.